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A little about me

My creative journey up to now has been a winding one, taking me along a number of different routes. There's been some music, some words, some music and words, some pictures, and pictures with words.

At the heart of all of these endeavors has always been the story. We're all about our stories. The real and the not so real. In fact, the not so real tell us more than the real. So, I continue making more and more stories.

Happy reading, my darlings.

Writer and artist Edward Ficklin focuses on illustration and visual storytelling using traditional media. He loves exploring the many facets of queer identity and representation in his stories and images. Read his on-going webcomic Lavender Menace at lavendermenace.net.

He's also written for the stage. His major works include Antinous and Hadrian (music by Clint Borzoni), an opera about the ill-fated love affair of a Roman emperor and unknown youth from the stix and The Context of Love Lives, a music-theater work based on the lives of writings of Elizabeth Bishop and Oscar Wilde.

When not creating his own work, he helps to improve the professional landscape and opportunities for musicians by guiding the development of New Music USA's award-winning online platform, newmusicusa.org.

Some Things To Look At

Thirst Trap #2
gouache on paper
light study
conte crayon on paper
figure study
digital painting
Thirst Trap #1
gouache on paper
A little sunshine
Buddha Galacticus
gouache and ink on paper
Smile More
watercolor on paper
Hand Study
watercolor on paper
watercolor and ink on paper
Daffodils and Lilies
watercolor on paper
ink on paper
White Tara
colored pencil on paper
Torso Study
watercolor on paper
graphite on paper
figure study
pastel on paper

Naughty Bits Ahead

You've been warned. Open this up and you're promising that it's okay and that you won't be awkward the next time we see each other.

Lavender Menace: an ongoing webcomic

Glimpse into a future on fire. Things are worse than predicted, way worse. The whole planet burns in a swelter caused by greed and ignorance. Petty, repressive regimes dot the globe. Lambda, freedom fighter and libertine, aims to be a perpetual thorn in the side of Kind Donald III who rules a large swath of North America. He frees the enslaved, and tries to, as best he can, simply live to fight another day.

Glimpse into another future, silently drowning. Offering a time of unprecedented order and prosperity, the Middle Kingdom now spans the entire globe. The elite Pax Sinica Corps is the bedrock on which this rigid social order rests. Lambda, hero of the people, serves the Child of Heaven, the rightful sovereign of all lands under the Heavens.

And in the here and now, meet Sid whose steps and missteps pave the way for these possible futures. Which is real? Which does he choose? How can one cute gayboy working in a dive bar be the catalyst for global change?

Episode 1: Three Way

Episode 2: Eureka

Contains mature content.

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